What People Are Saying About Aglutinador

Leslie Hewitt talks to visitors at her Aglutinador opening in 2012.   

Leslie Hewitt talks to visitors at her Aglutinador opening in 2012.


William Cordova (Peru/USA): Aglutinador gave me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other creative practitioners whose practices have challenged and furthered my own perspectives. This type of platform need to exist and be supported because it stimulates a critically independent cultural exchange that benefits the all.

Ernesto Pujol(Cuba/USA):  Sandra Ceballos has heroically sustained a truly independent curatorial practice and embattled alternative project space in Havana for over two decades, miraculously surviving and serving as the invaluable cultural voice that has single-handedly rescued the critical work of unofficial and censored Cuban artists. My 1990s project at her Espacio Aglutinador marked the first time in which two artists left out from the destructively polarized discourses of the island and exiled communities sustained a historical visual dialogue about their Cold War childhoods. Ceballos keeps making sure that all artistic voices are accounted for, making Aglutinador an irreplaceable exhibition space that deserves all our financial support.

FASTWURMS (Canada): We created a new site installation, Amor es La Ley, for the international group exhibition, Brujas pero tambien Brujos, curated by Sandra Ceballos for Aglutinador, in 2014. Sandra created a uniquely critical position on diasporic witchcraft with Brujas pero tambien Brujos, and the global selection of artists, local research and social making was exceptional.

Leslie Hewitt (USA): Working with Aglutinador
offered me opportunities for discussion among artists about approaches to art making  that included rigorous debates over socio-political methodologies and art historical discourses. It was breathtaking.